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Fit Gifts {Holiday Gift Guide 2012}

Sound the stereotypical December blog post alert. It’s Christmas gift guide time.

I strongly suggest having a mug of hot cocoa in hand and listening to some Christmas music while reading this post. Songza to the rescue again!

I’ve been jamming to the Feliz Navidad Salsa playlist because I’m That Person who will never tire of latin music.

For the past 9ish years or so, my Christmases have consisted of traveling somewhere with a beach and temperatures above 25 with my family instead of the traditional tree and presents Christmas (ah Panama 2011). Now that I’m 24 and a “grown-up” with a mortgage and bills and everything, the trips are out and cheap Christmases at home at in. And since this is a fitness-ish blog and I’m only kind of slightly into all of that stuff, here are some awesome fitness themed gift ideas.


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of lulu. Cute styles, great fabric for sweating, and AMAZING quality. I have pants that I wore last night that I bought in 10th grade. And they look brand new. In my incredibly biased opinion, lulu products are totally worth the money. A few of my staple workout items:

Cool racerback tank

Run Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve


Run Inspired Crop II

And the best leggings ever.

Wunder under leggings


Sparkly Soul Headbands

These awesome headbands would make great stocking stuffers. If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit now, you probably know how much I love these headbands and swear by them. In fact, I recently forgot my go-to skinny black one in Canmore and have been dying ever since. Not really, but you know.



There are so many fitness classes that are AMAZING but can get pretty pricey. I would be over the moon if someone gifted me one Crossfit class. I plan on giving my manager at work a few sessions to her favourite kettlebell studio. Other classes that could work here: yoga, pole dancing, Zumba, or even some personal training sessions.


Race Entries

Research how much a local race costs and you can DIY a race gift card. And then show up with an awesome sign to cheer them on or run it with them!



Another awesome stocking stuffer. A few of my faves:

Bob Harper

Beach Babe by Tone It Up

Yoga with Rodney Yee


Gift Cards

I’m a strong believer in gift cards – the person can get exactly what they want! Consider gift cards to:

The Running Room

Sportchek, Lululemon, or any athletic clothing company


Local spa for massages and pedicures




What’s on your fitness Christmas list? The lulu, classes, and race entries would be high on my list.



Our child's pose yoga picture got featured last Friday on Grow Soul Beautiful’s instagram and website! I guess the Internet loves a cute puppy picture ;)

And I’ve been slacking the past few days on taking my daily yoga picture. I’m doing a catch-up tonight and will be posting it on my IG like usual. So excited to continue this challenge for December! Check out the calendar here for the poses if you want to join in.

Reader Comments (2)

lulu is on my list! i have yet to buy something from there with my own money, its always been gifts and i have about 5 items from there.
Also on my list is swim paddles, for training. Discovered them in my triathlon swim class and loved them.

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAllison @ Train Eat Repeat

Okay I am so going I rack your brain about tri training in the spring! Also, I'm googling swim paddles since I have no clue what those are haha.

December 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterErin

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