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Welcome to the life of a 6 foot tall runner living in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is where I document my adventures in food, fitness, and my life in general. My sarcasm hand is always raised and 90% of my iPhone photos are of my dog.

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Things I'm Loving {Feb 2015}

Good morning friends! How was the week? Mine was pretty jam packed with Zumba and volleyball starting up again this week! Although, I did miss being busy with that kind of stuff :)

Can we talk about how it’s been 11 days on the Whole30 and I think I’m over the “MUST EAT ALL THE CARBS AND CHOCOLATE” phase?!


This happened to me last time I did the Whole30 so I knew it was coming, but you’re never really ready for that carb craving monster. That first week of Whole30 eating is ROUGH. Granted, I don’t eat a ton of breads and grains normally but there’s something about cutting it out completely that makes me go CRAZY.

I’d fail so hard at the Atkins diet.

Anyway, the past two days I’ve actually been completely satiated and full all day for the first time since I started this round of Whole30. I think my body has started to adjust from the overeating pattern I was in down to proper portion sizes way of eating I’m in now. I’m 100% that person who will mindlessly eat just because the food is there in front of my face regardless of if I’ve just eaten a massive meal or not!

Things I’m Loving – February

There’s so many things I love sharing with you guys whether it’s new music, a fantastic beauty product, a well written and interesting article, or just something I find randomly hilarious! That’s been the basis of my Things I’m Loving posts so I thought, hey, let’s turn this into a monthly thang!

Here’s everything I’ve been loving and obsessing over in February.

POSH Podcast

I’ve been all about that podcast life lately but this month’s recommendation is a little different than before. POSH podcast is a music podcast that uploads a new DJ mix every week. The mixes incorporate a lot of the popular club music (think top 40 dance and hip hop tracks) and sometimes throw in a little old school flavor. My favorite mix has been February 3rd’s mix done by DJ Lil Cee but every week I’ve listened to so far has been fantastic! I’ve listened to POSH mixes at the gym, on runs, and (oddly enough) cleaning around the house. 100% would recommend to anyone for workout sessions! If I ever teach a fitness class that’s not set to music (like circuit, bootcamp classes), this podcast is going to be what we’re going to be sweating to!

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo


This has saved my hair life more than once since I picked it up on my last trip to Sephora! My hair gets really greasy and flat if I shampoo it every day so I’m an every second day kind of gal. But on some days, I need just a little bit of dry shampoo to get some extra grease out of the roots and to add volume back after sleeping on my hair all night. I’ve tried a ton of different spray shampoos but none of them compared to this powdered formula. It’s love. The powder is white but it blends right into my dark brown hair and is untraceable. It gets rid of the grease and adds texture and volume so I can actually do something with my hair other than just pull it back into a ponytail…although that’s a solid go to style for me ;)

Lifting Heavy Again

It’s been FAR too long since I’ve done a real benchpress, squat rack set, and all the other glorious exercises you can only do with a gym membership. I’m doing a self-modified version of the LiveFit weight exercises 3 times a week and have been looooving it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my at home bodyweight circuits and dumbbell exercises but there’s just something about lifting heavy that puts me in a happy place.

17 Times Fitspiration Was Wrong and We Fixed It

Yes, fitness motivation can be a good thing but PLEASE, remember to treat yourself with love and respect. Sometimes I have to close out of the “Health and Fitness” section of Pinterest because the unrealistic images and negative phrasing makes me go to a bad place. Love yourself and the rest will follow.

52 Hilarious Moments from Happy Endings

#bringthisshowbackdamnit #bestshowever

Lululemon High Times Crops


My sister introduced me to this style of crop at lulu and I’m obsessed. I love the high waist for leg day and when I’m teaching (#nowhaletail2015) and the crop is just perfect. Not too long, not too short. I’m already saving for my next pair. Lulu, why you gotta be so expensive?!


What’s something you’ve been loving this past month?



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Whole30 Week 1, Bridal Party, & New Jams!

Guys, I’ve been slacking on the blogging lately! Our laptop OS crashed unexpectedly last weekend and we just got it back from Best Buy after a series of mishaps. Safe to say we’ll never be using them to fix any electronics from here on out....

But I’m BACK! Let’s catch up, shall we?

-Whole30 is still going strong, although we did participate in some vino this weekend

My mom and I went to a cooking class at Schoolhaus Culinary Arts. The theme was Mediterranean and we made a bunch of delicious mini meals...all of which were actually pretty close to being Whole30 compliant!

Toasting almonds for Spanish chicken stew with green olives.

In addition to the food, there was a wine expert there pairing different wines with each dish and telling us about them.

Portuguese feijoada on a bed of sauteed kale

Usually when people are talking about the notes, body, and other wine speak, I just roll my eyes and go “sure sure” but this guy actually made sense. Maybe it was because I’ve never had super good wine that actually paired with the food I was eating but I could actually taste the flavours he was rambling about.  I liked one of the wines so much that I went out the next day and picked some up to bring over to a dinner we were going to

The cute labels won me over too ;)

So other than wine, a little bit of flatbread, and a bite of cupcake (gluten free & dairy free) at a dinner we attended, we stuck to the Whole30. And I feel GREAT. It’s been a little over a week now and I’m less bloated, have more energy, and my mind feels “clear”. Not sure how else to describe that feeling you get when you eat clean consistently....

-The wedding party is starting to assemble!

Remember that weekend I made wedding crafts? I was making necklaces for my bridal party invites!

Sorry about the bad pictures...my real camera charger went MIA!

I asked my sister to be my maid of honour (as if she didn’t know that was coming) and one of my oldest and best friends to be my bridesmaid. One step closer to the wedding!

-I’m back teaching Zumba after a week off! I teach at the University of Regina and they close down for spring break so I took the week off to work on some new choreo to some new jams. New songs to my class this week:

GDRF - Flo Rida feat Sage the Gemini & Lookas

Booty - Jennifer Lopez feat Iggy Azalea


Nota De Amor - Wisin feat Carlos Vives & Daddy Yankee

Booty Wurk - T-Pain feat Joey Galaxy

All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor


See a theme? ;)


It was great to be back teaching. I never realize how much I miss it until I’m not teaching for a period of time! Plus, I was sore yesterday after lots of squats and booty popping action in Monday’s class. Always a sign of hard work!


Coming up on Friday – Things I’m Loving February Edition! I have some awesome finds to tell you guys about :)



Whole30 Round Two

Did everyone survive the snowpocalypse that hit what seems like all northern regions of North America?

The snow storm hit us on Valentine’s Day, so Mike and I stayed in from the cold and snow with a bottle of wine and Star Wars (guess who picked that...)

We did get quite a bit done on this long weekend though! Lots of wedding stuff

Making “will you be in our wedding party” gifts! Still have some people to ask so I’ll show you the final product at a later date :)

We also did a bunch of running around town, cleaning, a little bit of work, spent time with friends...all of which there are no pictures of. Blogger fail #picsoritdidnthappen

Whole30 Round Two

Monday was spent meal prepping for Whole30!

Mike and I started a new round of Whole30 this past Monday. We are (kind of) experienced in the Whole30 dealio after completing a round for the first time two years ago.

I feel like I’m way more prepared for this round than the first time. I know what to expect, how to prep, and have less “what can I have” questions. It was hard to get my footing the first time around. I actually had a tough time getting enough calories for the first week or so and felt dizzy at points when I did this program 2 years ago. After powering up my meals and getting out of the “only eat 3 meals” mentality (snacks aren’t bad!), I found a good balance and felt amazing during the Whole30. Since I knew this info for this round, I know how much food to pack and prep, I know what snacks to have on hand for my heavier fitness days, and I am know less likely to give into cravings.

I’ll be cheating a little bit during this round because of previously made plans. My mom and I are going to a cooking class at Schoolhaus here in Regina – a Mediterranean Europe food and wine pairing class! We’ve had these classes for a while now (it was a Mother’s Day present) so there’s no way I’m missing out on really good wine and really REALLY good food :)

Other than that, it’ll be home cooking for every meal! Some things we’ve been munching on this first Whole30 week:

-italian chicken casserole

-sweet and savoury blueberry tortilla

-paleo slow cooker butternut squash soup

-thai pork and veggie meatballs

-ground beef and veggie stir fry

-veggie omelettes

-ginger beef and broccoli with Portobello mushrooms

-berries and almonds

-raw veg


It’s actually been amazing to prep and eat these really good recipes. I tend to gravitate towards super easy recipes for meal prep but this whole30 really makes me step outside of my comfort zone. I spent a long time in the kitchen on Monday afternoon with Netflix and lots of food on the go! And I actually enjoyed it? Weird. We’ll see how long this lasts...week 3 might be just eggs, chicken, and veggies all day.

If you want more info about Whole30, check out my three posts about it here, here, and here. The Whole30 website has actually improved A LOT since the last time I did this and it has a ton of amazing resources. Lots of recipes, infographics, forums, and super great information about Whole30.


Any favourite Whole30/paleo friendly recipes I should check out? I need to keep up my fancy recipe motivation!


Weekly Food Prep and Workout Plan

Things that made me happy this weekend:

-sleeping in on my Friday off

-cleaning the house while catching up on Gilmore Guys podcast

-having a lovely dinner out with Mike thanks to a Keg gift card from my serving job

-playing Cards Against Humanity with the same friends that got married last weekend...while drinking all the free booze that was left over from their wedding

-the hour long yoga practice I managed to squeeze in between house cleaning activities

-awesome running form advice I received from the coach of the run class Mike and I are taking. We both have bad overpronation when we run so she had us download a metronome app to keep our turn over quick. As soon as we started running to the metronome, our overpronation and kick flips were minimized. She said that the more we can keep off our feet while running (aka keep the turnover quick), the better our running form is going to be. It felt better but weird to run with that quick of a turnover. I’m sure I’ll get used to it as time goes by.

-#TakeTheLeap breaks throughout the day...especially after run class!

The new quick turnover style really worked my sartorius and iliopsoas (thanks anatomy class!) so there were lots of runner’s lunges and pigeon poses going on. Plus, pedalling out the legs during downdog feels SO GOOD on the calves.

Weekly Food and Fitness Prep

If you couldn’t tell already from the list-heavy format of this post, this weekend was a fail on picture taking :( I was way too busy bingeing on The Good Wife during meal prep and week planning to take any pictures! I’m on season 4 already...obsessed.

A few hours on Sunday is always devoted to meal prep and workout/weekly planning. Today I thought I’d share what foods I prep and what my workouts schedule is for this coming week. I always like reading these types of things on other blogs because it gives me ideas for my own meal prep and workouts.

Foods prepped

-turkey burgers (lean ground turkey, reduced sodium soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic powder, salt, pepper)
-beef and broccoli crock pot recipe from Brittany’s site)

-carrots peeled and cut

-protein balls (recipe from Gina)

-blueberries washed and separated into portions for lunches

Workout plan

Monday: teach Zumba + strength (triceps, chest, shoulders); restorative yoga

Tuesday: strength (legs); 30 minute yoga practice

Wednesday: teach zumba; 30 minute yoga practice

Thursday: 1 hour yoga practice

Friday: run + strength (biceps, back, abs); restorative yoga

Saturday: 1 hour yoga practice

Sunday: run class; 30 minute yoga practice


Yoga, strength, zumba, and running. Love it.


What’s on your food prep menu?

Any workouts planned for this week?



Bodyweight Workout

Still rocking the #TakeTheLeap challenge in my tiny workout room

I managed to squeeze in a quick 25 minute practice in between my office job and serving job yesterday. It felt amazing to stretch it out after sitting all day! This is why I love challenges like this – it pushes me to practice my yoga even if I only have a short period of time. Plus, any yoga session regardless of how long or short always makes me feel so much better.

You know what doesn’t make me feel better?

Losing Roll Up the Rim! So far, I’m 0 for 2 :( My friend on instagram reminded me yesterday that there are TWO arrows on the cups which I completely overlooked! But no dice on the extra $500,000 blue arrow. I will press on ;)

Workout Wednesday

I’ve got a new workout for you guys today!

Play and scroll...I always have this song in my head when I write the words “new workout”.

Fast paced, no equipment required workouts are my all time favourite. Any workout I can do at home is a big winner in my book. Plus, getting to binge on Netflix while working out is always fantastic.

These “no equipment” workouts are also known as bodyweight exercises. I’m a huge believer in using bodyweight as resistance and here’s why:

Insanely convenient: do you have a body? Then you have everything you need for a kick ass workout. No weights, bands, or fancy schmancy equipment required.

Cheap: no equipment required means no gym membership required. You can do bodyweight workouts anywhere – your kitchen, spare bedroom/office, your bedroom, hallway, hotel room....you get the idea.

Strength and cardio in one: mixing strength exercises with cardio is exactly what bodyweight workouts are all about. Think of combining strength moves (push-ups, squats, lunges) with cardio (mountain climbers, jumping jacks, plyometrics) in quick succession. Since there’s no equipment, you can easily move in between exercises and keep that heart rate high (aka burn them calories) while working on toning and strengthening your muscles.

Scalability: since you’re working with your own body for resistance, you can easily adjust the moves to accommodate your fitness needs. Take push-ups for example. You can start with a modified push-up (aka knee push-ups) and advance to full push-ups with extra modifications as you build strength.


Some push-up examples. Get creative!

The bodyweight workout I have for you today targets your lower body and structured like a pyramid to keep things interesting.

Start at the bottom with your 10 rep exercise and then move on to the 20 rep exercise. Remember to keep your rests in between exercises to a minimum to keep that heart rate up, but ALWAYS listen to your body and take a beat if you need it. Once you get to the top of the pyramid, repeat the 50 second wall sit a second time and then start working your way back down the pyramid.

So your workout should look like: 10-20-30-40-50-50-40-30-20-10

Repeat the circuit 2-3 times for heart pounding workout! Remember to always warm up before and cool down and stretch after your workouts. Avoid those injuries!

Exercise examples:

Squats with lateral leg lift

Plyometric lunges

Downdog with knee drives

Mountain climbers

Wall sit


Let me know if you give this a try!