Things I’m Loving – Leanrunnerbean Diets!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend. Mine is still going strong! I took today off from work so I could enjoy an extra-long four day weekend and get some more house and wedding stuff done.

On the agenda today: meal planning and prep, workout planning, laundry, cleaning, and a trip to some thrift stores to search for some wedding supplies.

Knowing me, I’ll also sneak in an hour long yoga sesh sometime today. I haven’t practiced in a week and I NEED it. Workouts have been dedicated solely to running and strength lately and my muscles are missing the glory of yoga.

Things I’m Loving – November 2016

Okay, so I missed the boat on this post last week. Usually I try to have these types of posts up the Friday closest to the end of the month but slipped up on November’s post. Whoops.

Nevertheless, here’s everything I was obsessing over in November!


If you haven’t already been to, check it out. It’s a great site and resource for those looking to lose weight. They have an awesome selection of diet plans for women and heaps of helpful articles. I recently bought Metabolic Cooking, which is one of the programs they recommend, to help prepare some quick and healthy meals in the kitchen. As you may know, I don’t have a lot of time for food prep, so this program has been a god-send. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been whipping up a storm in the kitchen – brownies, frittata’s, kale chips, smoothies – you name it. It’s essentially a fat burning recipe book and works in super-well with my current training regimen 🙂

Have a great rest of your Monday!