Welcome to the life of a 6 foot tall runner living in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is where I document my adventures in food, fitness, and my life in general. My sarcasm hand is always raised and 90% of my iPhone photos are of my dog.

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Accidental Running Streak

Before you do anything this morning, watch this video:

I laughed way too hard at this! Totally made me start my day with a smile and laughter so it was worth it ;)

In addition to this glorious video, I also started my day off with a Tone It Up protein pancake:

Mike and I are on day 2 of the 7 day slim down from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! We started it yesterday in anticipation of our trip to Palm Springs. While I’m a veteran at the #7DSD, this is Mike’s first time going all out on it. We’ll see how he likes it and if it works for him.

I’m also adding in Blogilates’ Detox Water to my #7DSD:

She posted about this method on her Instagram a few weeks back and I decided to give it a shot. If it literally does nothing, at least I’m drinking really good tasting water! To a mason jar of ice and water, I add 2 slices of cucumber, 2 slices of orange, 2 slices of lemon, and 3 mint leaves. You let that sit in the fridge for a few hours and then drink it up. I’ve been prepping it right after dinner and then drink it right before bed. To me it tastes like Pimm’s but without the booze (obvi).

Running Season

I have a little running streak going right now even though I’m not supposed to. Oops. This girl LOVES to run!

We did our Easter Sunday run like I mentioned last post and then on Monday, Mike, Sadie, and I headed out for a nice 30 minute jaunt:

Which felt WAY better than the Sunday run. Who would have guessed that fuelling with healthy, clean eats instead of chocolate, coffee and massive amounts of brunch food would be a better choice?! ;)

Yesterday was Krysten aka Darwinian Fail’s late dad’s birthday. In honor of him, she hosted a virtual 5K with the race registration fee being a donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Go over to her blog and read her last few posts about this Happy Heart project to find out more. If you want to participate, you still can! She’s keeping the donation page and virtual 5KM open until Sunday, April 27th. There’s also some prizes to be won which are all listed on her blog.

Anyways, I headed out yesterday after work into 60KM winds to complete my #HappyHeart5KM

Complete with wind blown hair. PS I just discovered this whole "take a picture with your run info" on Nike+. I'm behind the times, I know.

It was a battle to run in those wind gusts but I felt great after. That is until my calves started to get SUPER FREAKING TIGHT later in the evening. I spent some quality time with the foam roller (aka crying in pain) while watching The Mindy Project and then spent the rest of the night rocking this look:

Pro Compression socks FTW.

Not sure why my calves seized up like that but they’re feeling way better today. There’s a bike ride on the tri training schedule today so my unofficial running streak is over after 3 days. What an accomplishment, right? ;)


What’s your method for relieving tight muscles? I swear by my foam roller, even though it’s basically a medieval torture device.


I’ll see you guys later this week!



PS: Any of my readers TIU girls? I’m loving this year’s Bikini Series theme – Create Your Summer! I’ll be participating as much as I can with my race training. I’m also loving our first challenge from K&K – creating a graphic with all the fun things we want to do this summer. Here’s mine:

All of these things go hand in hand with summer for me and I can’t wait to make them happen.


Relaxing on Marathon Monday 

Happy Marathon Monday!

I’m currently enjoying watching the elite runners crush it from the comfort of my own couch with coffee, my green smothie, and Miss Sadie Pants. SO happy that I have today off – which PS I totally think should be a stat holiday for runners every year ;) I do have to sneak off for a trip to the vet with Sadie later this afternoon. Poor girl needs to get her blood tested every few months to make sure her Addison’s med levels are still in check. Fingers crossed we still have the right dosage!

Easter Weekend

We had a beautiful Easter weekend, complete with

Spring cleaning! Okay, so not that much fun but it feels amazing to have some of the deep cleaning done and out of the way. We scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom, including washing out all the cabinets and deep cleaning the appliances. Confession? We hadn’t cleaned out our oven since we moved in…2 years ago. Yikes, it was a bit rough.

Mike also put his steel fabrication journeyman ticket to work at home and polished our stainless steel sink to the max! He’s very cautious about giving out his polishing tips to the public because apparently you can really scratch the eff out of steel and wreck it if you do it wrong, but he did repeat “you have to go with the grain” multiple times.

So if you can see which way the grain is going on your stainless and are feeling brave enough to chance scratching your steel, I guess go for it? That’s too much pressure for me so polishing the sink is now officially Mike’s permanent job ;)

In between cleaning, we checked out my sister in a Team Saskatchewan vs Team Manitoba All Star Game for charity:

Had dinner and a few competitive rounds of 31 with my sister and mom:

Enjoyed Mike’s mom’s notoriously amazing brunch Easter Sunday and helped his niece and nephew hunt for eggs:

 Followed up brunch with a quick run

Which was ROUGH. Mike definitely had to push me through that run – my body was like “hi you just ate chocolate, lots of coffee, and a big brunch and now you want me to RUN? Je pense pas”.


How was your Easter weekend?

Are you watching the Boston Marathon? It ALWAYS makes me want to run a marathon (maybe in a few years) and immediately lace up my shoes and hit the pavement. Mike and I are already planning on sneaking in a run after he gets off work since we both get insanely inspired every Marathon Monday.


I’ll see you guys later this week!



PS: Check out my latest yoga progress!

I finally was able to get my leg fully extended during an at home practice last week! So DUH I had to take a picture of it. And no, I never tell Sadie to sit and stay during these pictures – she just loves the yoga mat and has figured out what the camera means. Remember these pictures? Yoga dog/camera whore. Wonder who she gets that from....

PPS: I also acquired a nice little point and shoot so I can start taking better pictures on the go. It's already paying off - can you tell which pics in this post were taken with it? Hint: it's the ones that aren't blurry.

I'll also be starting up my videos again! For those of you that were around two summers ago, you might remember when I did #fitVEDA, a month long vlogging challenge. I had a blast filming videos so I've been wanting to do it again but with better quality than my iPhone camera. Now I can!

Videos will be posted here so subscribe if you're into rambling, random videos with occasional appearances from Mike and (more importantly) Sadie!



Good morning and happy last day of the regular work week! I’m off to work in a bit and I have busy day scheduled with back to back meetings until the end of the day :( So instead of leaving you guys hanging, I thought I’d do a quick blog post theme I’ve seen floating around the interwebs before – “currently”. Basically it’s just a bunch of stuff I’m currently into. I know you’re all DYING to know so let’s get into it ;)

Current Book(s):

I just finished Violets of March by Sarah Jio a few nights ago and although it was slow to start, it picked up at the end quite nicely.

It was a mish-mash of love story and mystery and the ending surprised me! Love when that happens.

Now I’m onto Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker.

Haven’t started it yet but it sounds kind of intruiging and a perfect cheesy beach read for Palm Springs (12 days until departure but who’s counting...)

Current Music:

I’m digging all the songs in my April Workout Playlist and I’ve added one more:

Jam fo sho.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Gluten free brownies from a box. We picked a box up a few nights ago at SuperStore, made them, and there’s only a few brownies left. Not sorry.

Current Nail Color:

A very worn off light gray.

Don’t judge; my nails are in atrocious shape. I’m getting my first ever manicure next weekend so I’m letting this color die (and apparently my cuticles too).

Current Drink:

Black coffee and Perrier Sparkling Lemon Water. Love.

Current Food:

Can’t get enough of those spring rolls I talked about on Monday. We made another batch last night!

Current Favorite Show:

Now that we finished Friday Night Lights, I’ve been re-watching Happy Endings on Netflix. That cancellation still hurts.

Current Wish List:

A summer kimono

So pretty!

Current Need:

A hair cut! My hair is starting to get to the length where it gets all scraggly. I’m thinking about going shorter and adding some long side bangs:


We’ll see!

Current Indulgence:

Are indulgence and guilty pleasure the same thing? I always thought they were! Anyways, another indulgence of mine lately has been grande hazelnut lattes with an extra shot. Totally worth the insane amount of sugar.

Current Blessing:

I’m very grateful that I have people in my life that support my little family unit! Whether it’s my people having us over for dinner, my sister taking time out of her day to go hang out with and walk Sadie, or my mom donating nursing books to Mike, I feel very blessed that I have a little support unit in place :)

Current Outfit:

Black boots, black jeans, Muscle Beach tank top, and a grey sweater. Casual Thursday y’all!

Currently Excitement:

I’m beyond excited for my four day weekend! I have Monday off as well so it’s allotted me time to go and get a bunch of appointments done that I’ve been putting off. I’m one of those weirdos who makes a to-do list when things get out of hand and LOVE the satisfaction of checking everything off the list. I’m also excited to see Mike’s niece and nephews on Easter Sunday morning at Mike’s mom’s house. Knowing Mike’s mom, there’s going to be a big Easter egg hunt for them and I can’t wait to see how excited they get!


Your turn!

Current book?

Current wish list?

Current blessing?

Or any of the other categories!


I’ll see you guys later!





Seriously, Let It The Eff Go {Weekend Pics & Weekly Schedule}

Happy short work week everyone! Just knowing that I only had to work 4 days this week made it way easier to roll out of bed this morning. Anyone else?


I’m cheers-ing (questionable verb) my coffee cup to you right now

Weekend Fun

A few fun things that happened this past weekend:

I made this AMAZING fresh roll recipe that I found on Pinterest. I’ll be making it again not only because it’s super delicious, but because the rice paper wrappers came in a package of 100. Gotta use those bad boys up!

Managed to sneak in some HIIT and a quick yoga session on Saturday morning. Felt so good to hit the mat again.


My sister and I hit up Target to so I could find a cheap but cute bathing suit for our upcoming vacay to Palm Springs. Mission accomplished! I got the one pictured above plus a pair of plain black bottoms for mixing and matching with some tops that I already have. As much as I love some of the cute swimsuits I find online, I love being able to actually try the bathing suit on before purchasing. Plus, things take forever to ship to Canada and returning is a big hassle.

Can you tell I’m going through an online return process right now? ;)  

Mike and I took his niece and nephew to see Frozen at the cheap theatres last night. It was my first time seeing Frozen and I think this was their 100+ viewing. Kids freaking LOVE this movie. There was a little girl losing her mind dancing in the theatre.

If you couldn't tell from the title of this post, I've also had Let It Go stuck in my head ever since...

Our surfset instructor added a super fun element to class this weekend – hula hoops! I’ve been hula hooping wrong my whole life...you’re suppose to pump your hips, not move them in a circle. Twenty five years of wrong technique! Once I knew that vital piece of info, I was hula hooping like a champ. It was super fun and challenging to do it on the surfset board. Core workout galore!

Mike and I picked up some Yurbuds for running and biking. I’ve heard nothing but great things about these headphones so I’m really excited to give them a try. I love that you can hear things around you with them in. I’ve been spooked by a biker whizzing by me on more than one occasion when I’ve been out running because I couldn’t heard them coming.

Week Prep and Workout Schedule

I did my food prep last night after we came home from the movie. This week’s food supplies:

-2 batches of Tone It Up’s blueberry zest muffins

-plain quinoa

-shredded chicken breasts (boneless skinless chicken breast + jar of salsa + crockpot for 8 hours)

-peeled and cut carrot sticks

These are all things that I use for my lunches. Breakfasts are still smoothies and dinners are made fresh.


This week’s workout schedule:

Monday: teach zumba; run 25 mins

Tuesday: teach zumba

Wednesday: teach zumba; run 30 mins; strength

Thursday: swim 30 mins

Friday: OFF

Saturday: swim 20 mins; bike 30 mins

Sunday: bike 45 mins

There’s no surfset class for the next two weeks because of Easter. Sad face. I’m really digging that class!


Was there a movie from your childhood that you watched over and over again? Mine was Cinderella


I'm off to go listen to Let It Go in hopes that it gets out of my head. I’ll see you guys later this week!





Our Triathlon Training Plan 

Have you ever had one of those days where your energy is just gone? That day was yesterday for me and boy was it awful.

Exhausted post-zumba car selfie. Specific enough category for ya?

Not sure what it was – I ate as I usually do, drank water, had enough sleep the night before – I just felt zapped. Even teaching my Wednesday night Zumba class didn’t perk me up! It was weird. Maybe I’m tired from all the freaking fresh air I’m getting now that it’s not minus a thousand degrees every day!

It was super nice out Monday  so Mike and I took Sadie for a 30 minute run. The path was kind of clear – we had to parkour over some monster puddles on the way – but I was just ecstatic that I was outside without gloves, a toque, and 5 layers!

Triathlon Training Update

Mike and I are on week 3 of triathlon training and it’s going great! Can I let you in on a little secret? Apparently I got over zealous and had us start our training a week early. Oops. So we repeated a week of training to get caught up and now we’re officially on week 3! For all you inquiring minds out there, here’s the training plan we’re following:

Oh excel, you so fancy.

It’s a pretty basic beginner training plan but modified so we can up our running endurance since we start half training immediately after our respective triathlons.

It's important to note that we don’t follow this schedule to a T. We’ll look at what we have on deck that week, taking into consideration my teaching schedule, social commitments, and any other activities we have planned that week and schedule our training around them. For example, this week we switched Monday and Thursday’s workouts because I now have Thursday completely free since volleyball ended. Swimming is the biggest time eater since it requires us to drive to the pool, get changed, do the swim workout, and then shower/get changed again to drive home. Now that I have Thursdays free, we will most likely be doing one of our swim workouts every Thursday instead of rushing to the pool right after my Monday night Zumba class.

I’m also thinking of sneaking some Sattva yoga in there on one of my off days because my legs and hips are getting super tight again. Also because I miss yoga a LOT.

Can't WAIT for free yoga in the park this summer!


Are you training for anything right now?


I’ll see you guys later!