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Welcome to the life of a 6 foot tall runner living in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is where I document my adventures in food, fitness, and my life in general. My sarcasm hand is always raised and 90% of my iPhone photos are of my dog.

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Total Body Strength Workout

Happy Thursday or Happy Thanksgiving depending on where you’re reading this from! Enjoy your time with family and friends...and copious amounts of turkey.

Sadie waiting patiently for a handout from last year's Christmas turkey!

It’s Grey Cup weekend here in Canada so football is on the mind. The excitement level in Regina is a bit lower than last year but that’s probably because we hosted and were in Grey Cup. Small difference. 

PS: If you’re looking for a little workout with your football (or turkey!), my Grey Cup workout will do the trick!

Speaking of workouts....I’ve got a fresh one for you!

This is another great workout set you can do anywhere as long as you have a set of weights and a timer for your plank. You’ll be working your whole body – core, legs, arms, shoulders, and back. Make sure to warm up, watch your form, and do a proper stretch and cool down.

Exercise demos

Squat with bicep curl

Weighted lunge (15 each side)


Bicycle crunch

Lateral front raise

Kettlebell swing




Progress Time

Tonight is my fifth FIT CHICKS bootcamp session and I believe we will be doing another round of fitness testing.

I’m PUMPED to see if I’ve made any progress on my initial fitness test that we did four weeks ago! I do feel a bit stronger since I’ve been attending these boot camps and it’s gotten me back on track in terms of regular HAF strength and cardio sessions. The winter can be real easy to slack off and cut back on workouts with all the holidays and the cold weather getting in the way (guilty). Attending these bootcamps has been great for accountability and making my push myself harder than I would have during a solo workout. That's the beauty of group fitness classes!


Questions of the Day

Did you do a Turkey Trot this morning? 

What's your favorite group fitness class?


PS: I’ve been doing some re-designing on el bloggo if you couldn’t tell ;) I think I’ll still be doing a few tweaks here and there but nothing drastic. What do you think? Any feedback?


Virtual Coffee Date

Good Monday morning everyone! What better way to “celebrate” Monday than with a cup of coffee and a chat?

So grab your cup (or massive travel tumbler) and let’s have a virtual coffee date.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that...

My wisdom tooth troubles from last week have gotten slightly better. My lovely dentist friend gave me some antibiotics and mouth wash to tame the swelling, plus told me I probably won’t need to get it pulled! Very exciting news for me since I am unnaturally scared of dentist things and needles. Other good news - I can open my jaw a tiny bit more now than last Friday! That progress only arrived this morning so I was tiny jawed all weekend and living on SO MUCH SOUP.

Sadie creepin'

Not even great soup...only blended soup. Nothing with delicious chunks of chicken and veg. #struggles

I would ask you if you’ve given into the Christmas season hoopla yet because I sure have.

More soup, Christmas Starbucks, and National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. Classic.

Plus some other unpictured Christmas things: terrible made-for-TV-movies off of Netflix and the Biggest Christmas Hits of All Time Songza station in the background at work. I LOVE terrible, cheesy, family-esque Christmas movies so I am more thankful than ever that we have US Netflix to see all the ABC family shows. Highlight so far is The Mistle-Tones. So bad, but so good.

I would also tell you all about this amazing fitness class my sister introduced me to on Saturday.

Pillar Blast! We played Pillar Ball (like handball but instead of a net, you had to use the ball to knock down foam rollers for points) and mixed in some traditional exercises into the game. For example, we had a few rounds of King’s Court with workout “punishments” for losing X amount of rounds (lose 1: 100 feet on the versa climber; lose 2: 50 mountain climbers). I loved this fitness class because it felt more like we were all playing in a sport league instead of a traditional group fitness class. Level 10 only offers this class at random so I’ll have to keep my eye out for the next one!

I would ask you about what’s new with you and tell you that I am BUSY

Between work, teaching Zumba, picking up the occasional serving shift, studying for my anatomy final, and holiday related stuff, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. My week days are especially super busy right now and will be until the middle of December so I’ve been incorporating more meditation into my daily routine. I find that my mind is going a mile a minute right when I’m trying to sleep at night (isn’t that how it always goes?) so I’ve been doing guided meditations right before bed more and more. I used to meditate almost every night about a year ago but it fell to the wayside and I’ve only been working it into my nights 3-5 times a month. Not good. I’ve been making a point to take 5-10 minutes right before crawling into bed to light some candles, lay down some pillows, and go through a guided mediation in the workout room. I keep cycling through Gabrielle Bernstein’s albums and Bex’s meditation videos but I’m currently on the lookout for more.

Do you have any great guided meditation recommendations?

Have a beautiful Monday!


Chipmunk Status & FIT CHICKS Day Four

Current mood:


My top left wisdom tooth is coming in and my gums are crazy swollen. It’s so swollen that it’s preventing my jaw from opening all the way without pain, which means I haven’t been able to eat solid foods in the past 36 hours. Soups and smoothies have been my sustenance. Not overly fun :( Luckily I’m getting in to see the dentist today (Thanks Dr. Megan!) so hopefully my pain has passed by this afternoon and I can have some nice, real food.

Combine this stupid wisdom tooth pain with an incredibly stressful day of work yesterday and I was DYING for a stress reliever. Thank god it was Thursday aka FIT CHICKS day.

Hauling all this equipment to the bootcamp serves as a double workout ;) PS spot blurry Sadie!

We did another 5 minute mountain that had lots of lower body, ab, and cardio exercises involved. Think sprinting, lots of squat variations, planks, wall sits, and a spiderman push-up variation. My legs were absolute jelly yesterday after class! I’m still really digging these bootcamps and can’t wait to continue them into December.

PS: If you’re wanting a New Year’s workout action plan, FIT CHICKS is having a promotion right now for $80 off. Locations listed here!

Other fitness-y things that went on this week:

Bob Harper Fitness DVDs

Mike and I are getting into a semi-routine where we pop a Bob DVD for a workout when we feel we need a little motivation. His workouts combine cardio and strength and make me DIE (in a good way).


Hair went from top of my head pony to side ponytail in 50 minutes. I go hard y'all.

I had a week and a half off from teaching due to hip issues so it was nice to get back into it. There’s only a few weeks left for this session of classes then it’s time to create a whole new class that starts in January. I like to change up the class playlist at the start of every session since I have a lot of people who have been in my classes for the past 2 years. Keepin’ things fresh!

HEY, it’s Friday! I don’t have a lot of things to share with you but I had to share this one with you:

Gilmore Guys: A Stars Hollowcast

You guys are already well aware of my love for Gilmore Girls so loving this podcast was a no brainer. A friend turned me onto this podcast and I’ve been marathoning through the episodes like crazy. It’s basically two guys who are watching the first season of Gilmore Girls and talking about it. One has seen the series before and the other is watching it for the first time. They go off topic quite a bit but they’re both pretty funny guys so it works.

It’s dentist thirty. Pray for my teeth!

Have a fantastic weekend. New workouts are coming for ya next week so be on the lookout for that.


Calming Yoga Playlist

Winter is finally here.

Although its arrival was late (yay), the cold and snow have come to stay. We’re even plugging in our car at night since it’s now going down in the -20°C range at night.


Things that help:

Cute winter gear. Loving not doing my hair, throwing on a toque, and looking semi-decent ;)

Red Starbucks drinks. I tried out the new Chestnut Praline latte this past week and it is DELICIOUS. New favourite.

At home yoga practice in front of the fireplace...with a needy Sadie making sure to stay as close to me as possible.

Warm coffee shop date nights

And of course, snuggles with the Monster.


Weekly Fitness Plans

Okay, okay, it’s Tuesday but I can still share my weekly fitness plan with you guys, right? I have a busy week at work plus I picked up a serving shift tonight so planning my workouts is important this week!

Monday: teach Zumba (back after a week and a half hiatus! It was GLORIOUS)

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: teach Zumba and play volleyball (my first game this whole season. I’ve missed it dearly)

Thursday: FIT CHICKS bootcamp

Friday: Bob Harper DVD workout

Saturday: 1 hour yoga flexibility practice

Sunday: 1 hour yoga strength practice


Songs I Need You to Hear – Yoga Edition

To wrap up this mish-mash post, I need to share these songs with you guys. I’ve been LOVING these lately and have even been playing them in the background during my yoga practice. I’ll turn on my Yoga Studio App on the AppleTV so I can hear the cues and follow along with the bendy lady

(does the Yoga Studio App lady even have bones?!)

And I’ll play this playlist on repeat on my iPad. It never really occurred to me to have music on during yoga practice but I’m digging it! I don’t have any of my go-to workout jams (aka harcore rap) obviously, since yoga is a different kind of workout. It’s more of an energizing calm playlist (oxymoron? Meh).

Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit) – Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz

Waves (Robin Schulz Remix Radio Edit) – Mr Probz

Take Me to Church – Hozier

I Don't Want to Change You - Damien Rice

Champion Sound - Crystal Fighters

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Joel Plaskett - Love This Town

Habits (Stay High) Hippie Sabotage Remix - Tove Lo


What's a nice calming song you're into right now?



No Bake Cookie Dough Bites

Want to see what my life has been like since I last talked to you guys?

So yeah, it’s been real fun around this house lately! I had my second anatomy midterm last night so I was studying all week. Mike had a bunch of papers and assignments due this week so he was right there with me. Now that my midterm is done (and went well!), it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Let’s start off the weekend with a delicious recipe shall we?

Remember when my FIT CHICKS instructor made those great protein balls? Well, I immediately came home and checked out the FIT CHICKS blog for a recipe that was close to that since she said that’s where she had based her recipe off of. I came across this gem, made them, and then tried to hide them in the freezer from Mike ;)

Didn’t work so well. He enjoyed them just as much as I did.

These are great for when you’re craving something sweet (like I ALWAYS am) but don’t want to derail your nutrition completely. I make mine with protein powder so I get a little extra shot of protein with my chocolate ;)

I made a few tweaks to the original recipe to suit what I had in my kitchen at the time. I’ve written my substitutions in brackets after the original recipe ingredients.

Bye Bye Bakin’ Healthy Cookie Dough Bites

Original recipe source


¾ cup gluten free oat flour (I grinded up some quick oats I had on hand in my coffee grinder to make a flour)

2 TBSP almond milk

1 TBSP melted coconut oil

1 TBSP vanilla extract

1 tsp stevia or 2 TBSP coconut sugar (I used 1 TBSP honey)

¼ cup dark chocolate chips or crushed up 80% dark chocolate bar

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use North Coast Naturals)



1. Pour the coconut oil, milk, vanilla, and sweetener in a bowl. Whisk until combined.

2. Add in flour, protein powder, and chocolate chips. Mix. It should be very sticky. Add a splash of water if the mixture is not the consistency of dough.

3. Roll into 6 even balls and place on parchment paper

4. Place in freezer for 10 minutes to set. Or just eat it as is!

5. Store in freezer.


Let me know if you make these bad boys!



Last night I had my third FIT CHICKS boot camp session and I noticed some progress already. We were doing a series of Tabata exercises (LOVE) mixed with some partner strength training workouts that were riddled with push-ups! As the night was going along, I noticed that my shoulders and chest weren’t getting exhausted as quickly as they had been when I’ve been doing push-ups in the past. AKA push-ups are getting EASIER! I’ll take it!

My abs on the other hand are still screaming this morning from all the core work we did last night. Here’s a challenge for you that we did last night:

20 seconds plank jacks

10 seconds static plank

Repeat 6 times for a total of 3 minutes.

I got DESTROYED in this exercise last night. My core isn’t as strong as I thought it was. Give it a try if you want to gage your core strength!


I’m off to another craft sale with my mom and sister for the afternoon! I’m on the hunt for more Christmas decorations because I’m INSANE.

Have a great weekend!