Welcome to the life of a 6 foot tall runner living in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is where I document my adventures in food, fitness, and my life in general. My sarcasm hand is always raised and 90% of my iPhone photos are of my dog.


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Quick and Dirty HIIT Cardio {Workout Thursday}

Happy Thursday everyone! Or may it’s a happy Halloween Eve for you? I’m not that big into Halloween (Christmas is another story...BRING ON THE HOLLY JOLLY AND CRAFT SALES) so Halloween isn’t a big deal around our house. My favourite part is handing out candy to the all the trick or treating kiddos! They’re so insanely adorable. Last year we had a little 3-4 year old boy who came to our door to trick or treat but was way more interested in Sadie. I don’t think he even said “trick or treat”, he literally just walked right into our living room to pet Sadie! His mom had a tough time getting him out of our house. What can I say, everybody loves Sadie!

 So our Halloween will consist of heading to Superstore tomorrow to get candy and a pumpkin, carving said pumpkin, and handing out candy! We’re so WILD. I’ll probably be forced to watch a scary horror movie by Mike since “it’s Halloween!” Pray for me.

In less scary news (kind of)...

Our wedding venue contract is signed and on its way to the venue manager! This is the first thing we’ve booked for our wedding I’m kind of REALLY excited. Next up...photographer. Preferably one that doesn’t charge a first born child. Any recommendations from my Canadian prairie friends would be appreciated!

Other happenings from the week:


Not just this song (although it’s one of my favourites), but the whole album. I’m utterly obsessed with the whole thing. I saw this graphic on Tumblr about how the whole album tells a story from start to finish and now I can’t play it out of order. See, OBSESSED.

-I gave into the hype

And I’m half excited and half let down. This flavour was the first I tried and it was delicious! 10/10 would buy again. But the other ones I tried (cinnamon roll and chocolate peanut butter) were meh. Mike wasn’t feeling them at all. I hear the chocolate chip cookie dough bar is unreal so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that! I was a little let down since the ingredients in Quest’s protein bars are superior to most and I love having bars around the house to throw in my purse for snacks on the go. Guess I’ll keep looking!

-workouts (duh)

At home chest and tris workout

Teaching Zumba with hair annoyances! I NEED A HAIR CUT.

Okay, let’s get into Workout Thursday! I’m bringing it back.

Quick and Dirty HIIT Cardio Cicuit

Since you guys love my treadmill HIIT so much, I thought I’d share another cardio staple I use in my workouts. This is a quick and dirty cardio workout you can use in conjunction with a strength training set to get an amazing full workout. I’ll usually start with a warm up (always warm up!), do my weights/strength training (like this 12 and 1 total body workout), and then finish up with cardio.

I LOVE this HIIT circuit because there’s no equipment required and it’s quick and effective. I’ve touted the benefits of HIIT in the past and will continue to sing its praises now! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) alternate between high intensity anaerobic periods and recovery periods. Usually, it’s a 2:1 ratio where the work period is twice as long as the recovery period. The work periods are meant to be short and intense so you should be working HARD during these times! Doing cardio this way versus steady state (ie: going for a moderate run for 30 minutes) has its benefits. HIIT has been proven to improve athletic capacity, increasing the resting metabolic rate and VO2 max more effectively than traditional cardio. HIIT workouts have also been proven to burn fat more effectively than traditional cardio. Yes please!

Plus, HIIT workouts can be done in a limited amount of time. You only have 20-30 minutes to workout? HIIT workouts will be the most effective way to spend that time.

Let’s get on to the workout, shall we?

How to:

-perform each work activity for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds

-immediately perform the next work:rest set

-at the end of all 4 sets, take a 1 minute rest then repeat the entire circuit

-complete the entire circuit 3-5 times


Exercise demos:

-side to side shuffles (note: I usually do two shuffles and then touch down. This video only shows one shuffle)

-jumping jacks

-high knees



To keep time, I use the Bit Timer app. This is how I set it up for this workout:

It’s a fantastic app for HIIT and Tabata workouts! It plays a sound when each work and rest period starts and finishes, plus it counts down from 3 out of the rest periods so you can get ready for the next work exercise!


Remember to cool down and stretch after each workout.


Let me know if you try this workout! Tag me in your post-workout selfies @running_tall on twitter and @runningtall on Instagram :)


See you guys later!


My First Wedding Show {Weekend Recap}

I experienced wedding madness yesterday at the Most Incredible Bridal Show here in Regina. It was an insane amount of people and exhibitors all packed into the a few rooms but I did make it out of there with a ton of reusable bags and coupons:

I’m finding out that all of these wedding shows have pretty sweet prizes for brides, so I’m going to try and hit up the applicable shows in hopes of winning anything! Weddings are expensive y’all. I'm also getting kind of nervous about wedding dress shopping. Not that I have to really worry about it for another year or so, but I'm worried there will be a very small pool of dresses I'll have to pick from! This show had a wedding dress fashion show with 80 dresses and I didn't like 98% of them.....uh oh.

I'm also good to go for the next shows since I have a fancy bride button courtesy of my lovely friend Ricki so I don’t have to wear the sticker these shows want brides to wear:

In other wedding news....we’ve (tentatively) booked our venue and set our wedding date! I say tentatively because we are sending in the signed contract and first payment this week so I won’t be absolutely 100% certain in my mind that we have it until the venue has received everything and we know without a doubt what our wedding date will be. But it’s getting more and more real every day! Now if only I could win one of these sweet wedding show honeymoon prizes.....

Weekend Things

We had a pretty fun weekend in addition to all the wedding stuff that was happening.

It is so nice out for October on the prairies (aka NO SNOW...yet) so Mike and I went with my family to watch the U of R Rams football team play at Mosaic Stadium on Saturday. And of course I busted out some #outdooryoga while Mike and I were exploring stadium at half time. Duh.

We also got in some quality time playing drinking jenga with a few couple friends of our. We made the tower pretty high at one point...I think it was around 30-35 rows.

Remember when Sadie was a cone head two Halloweens ago?

Apparently it’s her costume of choice because she’s back in a cone this year!

She scratched up her right year pretty badly so it’s cone time! She has chronic ear infections because her ears are larger than normal and can’t dry out normally, but we can usually keep it under control with weekly ear drops. She’s been pretty good at not scratching lately but must have gotten one bad swipe with her nails and gashed her ear. Now she just keeps re-opening it and it won’t heal. Here’s praying our walls and back of our legs don’t get all banged up!


How was your weekend?


Coming up on the blog this week: a new HIIT workout! I <3 HITT.


I’ll see you guys later!


New Zumba Jams

We finally cut the cord.


We said bye to our cable subscription and are officially an over the top household only! And I have to say, it’s not that bad…in fact, I’m really liking it! It only made sense – we never watched live TV except for sports, we live for Netflix (especially since we signed up for American Netflix), and we watch a lot of shows online. And the TV bill was $80+ per month! No thanks, not worth it. More money for le wedding :)

Speaking of which, I’m going to my first wedding expo as a bride this weekend with my sister and my good friend Ricki! I can’t WAIT to see all the wedding stuff IRL instead of just pinning a whack ton of stuff. And also – CONTESTS. Hi, I’d LOVE a free honeymoon….

New Zumba Jams

It’s around that point in my Zumba teaching semester that I start to switch up the songs. The participants are starting to know the moves a lot more and I don’t want them to get bored, so I’ll slowly change out songs two or three at a time per class. Here’s what I’ve been digging lately and have been trying to choreograph for this week’s classes:

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

This was a request from one of my regulars so of COURSE I jumped at the chance to work a routine out for it. I use it as my warm up and it’s a fun, silly song that everyone knows. It really gets the class going.

Adrenalina – Wisin feat Jennifer Lopez

Another participant request! This song has actually been on my phone for a few months now and I’m just getting around to choreographing it now. Whoops.

Adios – Ricky Martin

Loving the feel of this song. And you can never go wrong with a Ricky Martin jam. Unless it’s She Bangs….:S

A few songs that are on the to-do list for the next few weeks:

Cupid Shuffle – Cupid (participant request again! My class peeps rock)

Darte Un Beso – Prince Royce

Wine It Up – Lucenzo feat Sean Paul



Have any song suggestions for me? Leave it in the comments or tweet them at me @Running_Tall!


I’ll see you guys later!


PS: This was pretty cool to see....

My TIU sister Liz let me know that superstar Nora Tobin had featured on of my workouts! This is by far my most popular workout with over 4K pins...y'all like HIIT! I have another HIIT workout coming your way soon...stay tuned!


Scentsy Makes Anything Worth It

Good morning friends! Last time we talked, I was stressing out HARD over my anatomy midterm and an oncoming cold. Fast forward two weeks to today and I’m much better. My anatomy midterm went well, although it was a lot harder than I was expecting. Still struggling with learning this type of class content online instead of in a lecture but I’m working hard! My midterm mark was 10% above class average so I’m happy for now :)

Weekend Catch-Up

Since I’m getting over the Great Cold Bug of 2014, I was super thankful that I had Friday off this past weekend. It was lovely to relax and check some things off the big to-do list without feeling deprived of energy or feeling like my head was about to float away #thankssinuses.

Here’s hoping the Sickness Gods spare me for the rest of the remaining year – I don’t want to miss any more work or Zumba classes!

After a killer arm, back, and HIIT cardio session at the gym Friday morning, Mike and I headed to our favourite local spot for a glorious lunch.

We both got the honey garlic chicken wrap with strawberry goat cheese salad. Best lunch combo out there.

The rest of the day running errands and grocery shopping. TURN UP.

Homeowner blunder/confession: we’ve never replaced our air filter in the 3 years we’ve live at the condo :S Good thing we went to see Gone Girl in theatres last weekend (so good) and saw an ad from SaskEnergy about replacing air filters ever 3 months. WHOOPS. We paid Canadian Tire a visit later that week and stocked up on filters and replaced the extremely dirty filter. You can now shame me for my terrible housekeeping abilities, Dad.

Saturday started with an at home leg and ab workout

Plank so hard.

And finished with a serving shift at a local indoor golf centre. I decided to pick up a super casual serving job to get some more cash coming in. I’ve never served before so it was a bit of a learning curve at first. How have I gone 26 years without knowing how to make a paralyzer or a caesar? Who knows, but I’m proud to say that I now have that very valuable knowledge ;) The tips were great, the co-workers were awesome, and the clientele is super nice so I’m super happy to pick up a weekend shift every now and then to get some extra money.

Sunday was a sleep in day. I didn’t get in from my shift until 1am so some extra zzz time was necessary and amazing. It was Rider game day in Regina, so it was the perfect time to hit up Costco...everybody is too busy getting ready to watch the game on game day to go to Costco! Mike actually ended up going to the game which was perfect since my sister and I had free passes to Regina’s Wellness Expo.

Which was kind of a let down. For something touting itself as an expo for proactive healthy living, there sure were a lot of “LOSE WEIGHT IMMEDIATELY WITH THIS MAGIC POWDER” booths. There was even something called weight loss coffee which has Dr. Oz as their big backer so you know it has to be legit.....#sarcasm. My sister and I tried one tiny sip of it and immediately went to Tim’s to get the taste of the “coffee” out of our mouths.


Why you would feel the need to drink a weight loss coffee that tastes like dirt is beyond me. What’s ironic is that they had those sugary flavoured coffee creamers set up next to the samples for people to add to their “weight loss coffee”. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?

However, among all those BS booths, there was a Scentsy distributor set up. Who knows why they were at a Wellness Expo but I’m glad they were because I needed some Christmas fragrances! I picked up Winter Pine and Huckleberry Sage for when the Christmas decorations and fake tree are up. I need that real tree smell to make it feel like Christmas!

My sister picked up her first Scentsy warmer and a few fragrance packs to get started. I think I’ve converted her from candles to the Scentsy side! In the end, the free passes were worth it for the Scentsy alone ;)

Workout Schedule

I’ve got a pretty busy week with work and school, so of course I’ve already planned out this week’s workout schedule. I love putting this on the blog since it helps me stick to it and I find that I love reading this type of stuff on other people’s blogs. It’s nice to see what other people are doing for their workouts so you can have some ideas on how to change it up if you’re stuck in a rut or just looking for something new.


Teach zumba + 30 minutes strength yoga with Yoga Studio app


Chest and tris; 30 mins HIIT


Teach zumba


Back and biceps; 30 mins HIIT


Shoulders and abs; 3 mile run






I’m also still trying to get in 30 minutes of yoga a day, although I’m listening to my body. I want to keep up with my lifting workouts so if my body is super tired, I’m skipping yoga that day. I tend to do the 30 minute beginner relaxation flows on the Yoga Studio App when I’m feeling sore and tired. It gives my muscles a nice stretch and feels so great at the end of the day.


What’s a workout on your radar to do for this week?


I’ll talk to you soon!


Coming Soon to the Blog {and midterms suck}


Real talk.

I’m right smack in the middle of studying for my anatomy midterm that is on Thursday and I am feeling OVERWHELMED.


It’s a lot of info to know and taking this kind of material online isn’t the best for my type of learning style. Listening to lectures is more my style since I can gage which parts of the material are important and which parts aren’t based on how much time the prof spends on each subject....reading numerous chapters in a text doesn’t quite have the same effect.

So I’m taking a break from furious memorization to say hi.


What have I been up to besides studying for my midterm?

Mike has his anatomy midterm Tuesday so we’ve been study buddies.

We’ve been fighting off a cold bug in our house for the past few days. Mike got pretty sick with a nasty cold Saturday night and it lasted all day Sunday. I’ve been brewing David’s Tea’s Cold 9-1-1 24/7 to try to keep the cold bug away from me and to heal Mike’s sinuses and sore throat. This stuff is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or if it actually works but I feel a million times better when I drink it.

Classic Sadie "ugh yoga again" face

I’ve been keeping up with my yoga! I’ve been trying to hit the mat for at least 30 minutes every day....some days are better than others but my body is absolutely LOVING the more the TLC it’s getting from a regular yoga practice.

Playing mega jenga at Mike’s annual September family event. You may see this at our wedding.....

We’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends lately and it’s been wonderful! Our fridge is full of baby announcements, wedding invites, and kid’s school pictures. Being in your late 20s seems to be when all these amazing life milestones happen at once and it’s such a happy time. I can’t wait for the next few years!

Wedding planning! No pictures of anything since it would just be pictures of my crazy detailed spreadsheets. We are getting so close to actually having a venue and date!


Coming soon...

I have a few projects I’m working on for you guys and this site! In the works are:

*Fitness programs for you, created by me (standard and customized). I have a few standard programs that I’ve created for friends and family in the past and I’m working on a few more specific programs right now! Tell me: what’s a fitness plan you’d love to see? Weight loss? Build muscle? Time specific? Activity specific? I’d also love to offer customized plans on an individual basis so I can really tailor it to your needs and goals. 

*Wearable goodies. I’ve been playing around with creating graphics for clothing, making jewellery, and other accessories. This one is probably a ways away from being on the site but it’s been fun toying with it for now!

*More opinion pieces. I’ve traditionally stayed away from writing opinion pieces on this blog but I’ve been finding myself wanting to write about some issues and topics that are going on in fitness and the online healthy living world. I absolutely LOVE to write (I was that weirdo in university who would rather write a massive research paper than so a ton of assignments and tests) and am particularly interested in the area of sports/gender roles/societal pressures. The majority of my electives in university were in Women Studies, Political Science, and Psychology so it's an area I'm incredibly passionate about. I’m finally going to take my personal goal for 2014 of not caring so much about what others think and put it into practice.


How have you been? Catch me up in your life! What’s one thing you did this weekend?


I’ll see you guys later! Back to memorizing muscles, bones, joints, latin words......

PS: Sadie’s latest picture from her stay at K-Lane Kennels...much better than last time.